The Daryl Blount – Ruth House Ministries Story

Years ago, I created the “Don’t Need to Read the Book” book club. With permission of famous business book authors, I started having monthly meetings at which up to 35 or 40 people attended, sponsored by Barnes & Thornburg Law firm at their offices in Buckhead.

One of our most loyal attendees was Daryl Blount who is with the LDS Church. Daryl is charged with helping identify various communities in need of their help, whether that be to supply a food bank, or provide help to a nonprofit’s charitable work. In some cases, they provide money for various needs of the nonprofit.

As an example, Daryl once spent a good deal of his time after Hurricane Ian’s $50 billion damage and destruction helping the survivors.

I reconnected with Daryl back in 2023 and as we were catching up, he said that that they (the LDS Church) might be interested in identifying some communities up around the North Georgia area, where our home in Big Canoe is located, who might be in need.

It just so happened that many of our Big Canoe community residents volunteer for a number of nonprofits within the region including a free medical clinic, a thrift store, an animal rescue organization and many others. One of those – Ruth House Ministries – is dedicated to helping women recover from Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Several Board Members, including the President of the nonprofit, are from Big Canoe.

Thanks to Daryl’s help, we were able to raise $38,000, both for materials to repair windows and siding in dire need of help, as well as a new generator.

Had it not been for “Don’t Need to Read the Book” book club, and the ripple effects that occurred years later, none of this would have happened!

Your NetWeaving ‘ripple effects’ don’t usually happen right away but with good follow up and follow through, amazing things can happen.

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