Bob Littell

Hi, Bob Littell Here – the Chief NetWeaver and the Creator of the Golden Rule and Pay It Forward Form of Networking!

Whether this is your first time visiting the NetWeaving International website, or if you’ve been a practicing NetWeaver for years, I am very excited that the previous key barrier to accomplishing the most powerful action step of NetWeaving – setting up and ‘hosting’ face-to-face meetings – has now been eliminated thanks to Zoom and other forms of VIRTUAL face-to-face communication.

No longer will you have to struggle with the logistics and the efforts involved in setting up an in-person meeting – the difficulty of choosing a mutually convenient meeting location and the time Involved.  It’s now as easy to set up and host (as moderator-facilitator) a NetWeaving introductory meeting of two (or more) people, as sending an email or text.

We hope you will choose to embrace the NetWeaving concept as not only a great way to build your business, but also a great way to just live and enrich your life.

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Three NetWeaving Skills

People Connector

Introducing and/or bringing persons together with their Needs, Problems, and Opportunities in mind.


Offering your capabilities or others in your Trusted Resource Network – no strings attached – as a way to build meaningful relationships.

Trusted Resource Network

Establishing a wide and deep network made up of persons whom you have personally qualified to be exceptional at what they do, or someone who comes highly recommended from someone you completely trust.


There’s a good reason why I’ve encouraged Bob, my longtime friend and colleague, to refer to NetWeaving as ‘The business version of Pay It Forward.’ Bob’s NetWeaving is the embodiment of my Pay It Forward idea, putting an act of good out into the world without expectation of return. Instead of looking to be paid back, NetWeaving asks its recipients to ‘pay it forward’ and do the same for someone else.

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Author of Pay It Forward and more than 30 other novels

After reading about NetWeaving, I realized that I’ve been doing this all my life, just without a word for it. I applaud Mr. Littell’s efforts at spreading the word about this ‘win-win’ form of thinking, which will undoubtedly benefit the business community and the community at large.

 Arthur Blank
Owner, Atlanta Falcons
Co-Founder, Home Depot

NetWeaving is an important and original concept with great application to many realms of business. Genuine NetWeavers are attuned to the needs and potential opportunities of others and that’s the key to being successful in today’s world.

Daniel Pink
New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

My life – along with the lives of so many others – has been deeply touched by this wonderful teacher and practitioner.  Bob Littell IS NetWeaving.  Take this course and watch your business grow and your sense of personal fulfillment soar!

Bob Burg
Author, The Go-Giver

My good friend Bob Littell is the only person I have ever met who totally gets networking.

Jeffrey Gitomer
Bestelling Author of The Little Red Book of Sales

When I first met Bob over 15 years ago, NetWeaving was just a word. Now, after a lot of care and feeding, Bob has nurtured a concept embraced, in word and deed, throughout the country and the world by individuals who know there is much pleasure and comfort in “Paying It Forward.” This concept is changing the world.

Michael E. Moore
Co-Founder, Metro Atlanta Business Association